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The Netherlands may only be small, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to see. It simply means nothing is ever too far away. Our vision as an online webzine is to bring together a collection of destinations and activities from around this exciting and diverse country that does not rely on sponsors, making the webzine truthful and unbiased. Expatations gives internationals who are looking to seek adventure from lesser known destinations, a platform to discover these new experiences. The online webzine will offer original and truthful articles about The Netherlands and its culture. Because it will not offer anything sponsored, not only the big attractions will get a chance. Small hidden places in which authenticity is still key will be as important as bigger destinations on Expatations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expose the “hidden gems” of The Netherlands to those who seek pleasure outside the tourist filled destinations. Expatations aims to arouse our readers’ inner traveller by exciting them with reviews of alternative cultural destinations and activities around the country, reflecting the voices of its international team. Our mission is to make students and expats feel at home in The Netherlands by not sending them to the touristic places, but by sending them to places that they would have gone to if they were dutch themselves. This is key to Expatations. To not feel like a foreigner in a country you do not speak the language of. If our mission succeeds, Expatations will be able to write articles in even more genres and broaden its spectrum of activities and places to go to.

Benefits of Reading Us

Expatations aims to be linked with the terms “wanderlust”, “trustworthy”, “diversity” and, of course, “Dutch.” The aim is to create desire for travel within the readers by providing truthful reviews of destinations from all around The Netherlands. With four students acting as guinea pigs for all these destinations, Expatations will produce a web-zine about the writer’s real experiences during their travels.

Expatations will not only provide destinations for the readers, but the web-zine will also offer recommendations for hotels, hostels, and Air BnB’s. We’ll cover info on day trips, as well as weekend long city-breaks, or even travel holidays in The Netherlands. With around 200,000 expats and 90,000 international students living in The Netherlands, Expatations (run solely by students) promises these internationals original, truthful, and diversified articles about travel destinations and activities within The Netherlands. We circumvent the tourist filled destinations and experience culture from the “real Netherlands”.

As The Netherlands is not quite a big country, the options of visiting places are endless. But creating experiences and making memories usually takes time. We will offer the opportunity of making them by providing tips for the entire experience. Including places to stay overnight. Including the best places to park (if you have a car), travel by train, and travel easily and cheap within cities. With all this information, you might have a chance to explore a large part of The Netherlands in just a weekend, what else could someone possibly ask for? As a little weekend-break within ‘own country’ as the dutch shamelessly put it, is very popular among the dutch, why wouldn’t this also be perfect for foreigners? All the benefits for pleasure and culture anyone could ask for, Expatations will offer.

The Expatations Brand

Expatations was set up by four students who felt that there was a gap in the market for real travel magazines. Expatations aims to provide an online zine that will give international students and expats alike, a source for new adventures; providing truthful, diverse, and exciting reviews of destinations and activities from around The Netherlands. As a brand, Expatations isn’t simply a travel magazine, it’s an alternative travel magazine. By providing information about the writer’s experiences from all around The Netherlands and not just the “top 5 tourist destinations”, we will help the reader navigate around this country without running into a mass of tourists and experience the real Netherlands. By using four students, all born in different places, Expatations will be able to appeal to the international students and expats living within The Netherlands. Expatations does not rely on sponsors, this means that the four students writing for the webzine will be able to provide truthful accounts of their experiences; whether they be good or bad experiences.

Meet the team:

Silke Wester: Art and Photography Editor. Silke is a born and raised Frisian girl, and has exceptional knowledge of the northern areas of The Netherlands. She often spends her time travelling The Netherlands with her trusty camera. Silke will be using her eye for natural beauty to provide Expatations with stunning shots of The Netherlands. She is also incredibly interested with the art galleries from all around the country with her favourite being MOAM; the home of modern art in the country’s capital.

Prusha Sadiq: Music and Nature editor. Born in Kurdistan, Prusha moved here at four years old. As a massive music fan, she often spends her time with a guitar in hand, or trolling the internet to find new musicians. She’s also a fan of Mother Nature and travels around The Netherlands to discover all shades green, blue, and yellow. You may even stumble across her sat in the middle of a tulip field whilst playing some Bob Dylan.

Nick O’Leary. Sports and Music editor. Nick, born in Yorkshire, moved to Groningen 6 months ago. He is a lifelong fan of Liverpool Football Club, and has travelled around Europe to watch his beloved team play. The Yorkshire man is also a massive fan of music, priding himself on his large record collection and his knowledge of the local music scene.

Sophie de Boer: Food and Art editor. Sophie was born in The Hague but left the political capital two years ago to move to Groningen. She has her ear to the ground of the art world and never misses an opportunity to visit a gallery or exhibition, discovering new artists ranging from the Van Goghs to the Jane Does of this world. Sophie also enjoys sampling the cuisine from around The Netherlands, and will be using her knowledge of eateries to provide recommendations for the readers as to where to eat whilst on their travels.

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