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Expatations is an online magazine aimed towards expats and international students living in the Netherlands. It is targeting those dissatisfied with the tourist filled destinations and who want to stray away from the beaten track, going slightly off centre. Expatations provides articles on culture, ranging across; sport, music, art, food, and nature, spanning the variety of cities from around the low lands. (a.k.a the Netherlands.)


There is a wealth of information for us to review, since there are many attractive places and events to go to for students in The Netherlands. The editors of Expatations chose the sources to review themselves and they will talk about their experiences with it as well. The Internet was used as a source because of its limitless networking of resources, however the sources used are reliable and are driven by professionals in their field. The relevance of all the sources used were considered in the reviews on Expatations’ webzine. “Kamernet” is relevant as students who might want to move into a different dorm have a possibility to look at the best apartments and find roommates. “Holland” is relevant as this source shows the hidden and attractive places in this country and so does “Unclogged Blog” except they have done this just in Amsterdam. For the pages, click the links below.

Our vision

The magazine will offer personal views from bonafide students living in the Netherlands; and one of them is actually a genuine foreigner. The articles will illustrate the personal experiences of our staff who’ve spent time travelling around the Netherlands, spending their hard earned cash to gain these experiences and collectively put them all in one place for foreign students to know what to avoid and where to go. Allowing the readers to navigate around the swarms of bum bag sporting, map cradling, amatuer photographer, tourists. Expatations only publishes true, uncensored stories and opinions because we feel these give a real value.

Market size and needs

Our possible audience is big, there is estimated to be around 200.000 expats and 90.000 international students currently living in The Netherlands, according to CBS. There is no publication like ours yet as many other publications are only aimed at the mainstream attractions, but there’s much more to this country than just windmills and tulips in Amsterdam.. Our webzine goes slightly off center and provides the reader with the more alternative, but still fun and beautiful, side of the Netherlands. The reader can expect articles like where to go when you want to escape the crowds, or will provide you with some undiscovered places in for example the city of Amsterdam. All of these expats and students have different preferences, so our webzine is here to offer different articles of a wide range of interests. We cover mainly cultural topics like sports, art, music, food and nature.

How Expatations is uniquely qualified to meet those needs

As this webzine is aimed at expats and international students, it already is unlike other webzines about studying abroad and traveling. The reader can pick a category and her of his interests and Expatations will have articles and recommendations selected by cities and regions in the Netherlands. The recommendations will be based off personal opinions and not only reviews from other people who have experienced the mentioned event or place. Straightforward and truthful. There are both international and Dutch editors in the office of Expatations, all qualified for this content, which will give the best of both sides; what international students want to see versus what the Dutch think.


We want our webzine to be visually appealing to its readers. It will consist of a streamlined, mostly black and white, and modern outline. We will make use of illustrative images that are taken by our own editors, so everything you read and see is real, and not just copied and pasted from Google. We strive for honesty in everything we publish. All categories are logically divided and our webzine is easily navigated through, as this is something that should be helpful and easy to access for expats.


To conclude, Expatations will offer foreigners based in the Netherlands what no blog has succeeded to offer before; Sharing genuine, personal experiences of many different acitivities, through the stories of our editors. Expatations will not only provide the beaten-track activities, but also more hidden treasures. It will be based on truthful experiences and not relying on sponsors. Our inspiration is to show foreign people based in the Netherlands the beauty the dutch culture has to offer. With dutch culture, we are not talking just about clogs and Volendam, but the entire spectrum of the dutch culture. The site will write reviews and articles about all the worth-the-while visits in the netherlands, off the beaten track.


  • We would appreciate help with starting up in the form of $50,000
  • Mention us in different print-magazines and online magazines so we become increasingly known by potential audience.
  • Keep following Expatations in its growth as it may need future investments.

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