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Adjust Your ‘Expatations’ And Go Off The Beaten Track 

Expatations announces launch of their alternative travel magazine.

2 March 2017, Amsterdam – Online media company, Expatations, have made public the launch of their new travel magazine based in The Netherlands. Expatations announced that the online web-zine will go live 6th of March via their website and will be aimed at international students and expats living in The Netherlands. The travel magazine will feature articles and reviews focusing on alternative cultural destinations and activities from around The Netherlands. Expatations will be an exciting new online magazine for students and expats because it will offer anything but everything that is already all over the internet; It will offer destinations and must see’s that are off the beaten track, and are true hidden treasures.

CEO of Expatations Hubert Francois stated: “We’ve been working hard over the past few months to make the vision come true. I first had the idea when I moved to The Netherlands last year. I was put off Amsterdam when I visited a few months back; I couldn’t move lack of room due to all the tourists walking like zombies. I wanted to travel and see more but I didn’t know where to go, and couldn’t find any information about where to go. So, I decided to create Expatations.”

Music and sport editor Nick O’Leary said: “The past few months have been interesting. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling and writing, travelling and writing, and so on. What I’ve found out whilst writing is that there really isn’t a source like Expatations online yet. This is our strength and what makes us different. As an international student currently living in The Netherlands I would personally love to read Expatations, because I don’t like the crowd. I’d much rather prefer hidden, authentic places. Authenticity is what makes Expatations superb. Authenticity not only in the places, but also in the editors articles, and that is the quality that comes with our site.’’

About Expatations: Expatations was started up in 2017 by four media students and is an online publishing company based in Groningen, Netherlands. Expatations currently publishes one online travel webzine Expatations.This webzine stands for originality and variety. Expatations will offer the reader many options of places that they have (hopefully) not heard from before, and will tell the story and experience of the editors. Through the webzine the reader will get to know the editors, and by familiarizing themselves with them, they might also have a better view on what places they would like to visit and what not.


Contact person: Louise Francois
Tel: 050-363-9111
Address: Broerstraat 5, 9712 Groningen, The Netherlands
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @Expatations


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